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The members of the Savage Six were some of the numerous animal-themed criminals captured by the mercenaries Taskmaster and Black Ant on behalf of Kraven the Hunter in preparation for the "Great Hunt," an event in which he forced his captives to be hunted down by Hunterbots in Central Park. These Hunterbots were controlled by a cadre of wealthy would-be hunters tricked by Kraven into participating, unaware of the true danger behind his plan. When Kraven and his accomplice Arcade presented this idea of their benefactors, they teased the kind of prey they would be hunting down by introducing six of the participating villains, the Vulture, Scorpion, Tarantula, Stegron, King Cobra, and Rhino, as the Savage Six.[1]

During the tournament, Kraven confronted Spider-Man and had a change of heart. He decided to shut down the operation and free his prisoners, who were subsequently apprehended by authorities. The six members of the Savage Six convened in the same convoy, and the Vulture suggested to formally join forces as the Savage Six.[2]

In Hollywood

When Mysterio posed as the film director Cage McKnight to make a self-biopic, the Savage Six were outraged that their personas were used in this movie without their permission and decided to crash the production.[3] They attacked the production crew, but Mysterio used his illusions for him and the crew to escape them.[4] Despite the crew's effort to avoid discovery by the Savage Six, the Six captured an actor named Charlie who used to work for the movie and told them the crew's current location.[5]

After production was finished, the Six arrived to destroy the movie for good, but were confronted by actress Mary Jane Watson. They did quick work with her, but then the movie crew, which now also included Master Matrix, Screwball, and H.E.R.B.I.E., came to her aid and together managed to fend off the villains.[6]


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