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  • Pasha (First appearance)


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Synopsis for "Brothers"

On the run from the King of Koth, Conan joins Araq, Iman and Tolku in the revolt against the Lord of Akif. They split up to reach the Kozaki sanctuary, vowing that each man die rather than reveal the location or the others' identity. Any man who is captured and released is assumed to be a traitor -- a crime punished by death! Achlemedes captures Conan, but he escapes. He kills Achlemedes, but then has to kill Araq, Iman and Tolku in self-defense.

Solicit Synopsis

What is the real price of loyalty? Conan is about to discover just that when he becomes a member of the roving Kozakis- merciless nomadic bandits who instantly punish even the hint of disloyalty with death!


This issue also includes a portfolio of pin-ups by Ernie Chan.

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