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Appearing in "The Flame Knife"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Free Companions / Kozaki
    • Kozaki
      • Tubal
      • Hattusas (Only appearance; dies)[1]
    • Codrus (Mentioned)
  • Nanaia (First appearance)
  • Kushafi (First appearance)
    • Balash, the Rebel (First appearance)
  • Parusati (First appearance) (Leaves the Hidden Ones)


  • Unnamed assassins of Hakhamani (Mentioned)
    • Unnamed assassin (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Hakhamani, the Informer (Mentioned)
  • Hidden Ones / Yezmites / Sons of Yezm (First appearance)
    • Unnamed assassin (Only appearance; dies)[1]
    • Shemites
    • Hyrkanians
      • Zahak (First appearance)
      • Zahak's brother (Mentioned) (Only appearance; dies)[1]
    • Iranistanis
    • Vendhyans
    • Kushites
    • Zuagirs
      • Antar
    • Virata of Kosala, Magus of the Sons of Yezm (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
    • Previous Appearance of Olgerd Vladislav, "The Tiger" Olgerd Vladislav, "The Tiger" Next Appearance of Olgerd Vladislav, "The Tiger"
    • Khaza, magician-in-chief of the Zezmites (First appearance)
    • Spies (Mentioned)
    • Master of the Girls (Mentioned)

Other Characters:

  • Iranistan
    • Kobad Shah, King of Iranistan (First appearance)
    • Iranistan's Royal Guard
      • Gotarza (First appearance)
  • Unnamed tribe of fishermen (Mentioned)
    • Kujala (Mentioned)
    • Bardiya, major-domo of the palace (First appearance)
  • King Yezdigerd of Turan (Mentioned)
  • King of Vendhya (Mentioned)
  • King of Turan (Mentioned)
  • Bahram (Mentioned)
  • Ghoul-King Ura (Mentioned)
  • Adi (Mentioned)

Deities and Invocations:

Races and Species:



  • Flame Knife (First appearance)
  • Purple Lotus
  • Wine of Kyros (First appearance)

Events and Eras:

Synopsis for "The Flame Knife"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Appearing in "A Gazetteer of the Hyborian Age, Part II"

Locations and groups:

  • Bahari (Referenced)
  • Bakalah (Referenced)
  • Bakharus (Referenced)
  • Nakhr River (Referenced)
  • Balkhana (Referenced)
  • Bamula (Referenced)
  • Barachan Isles (Referenced)
  • Beach at the Edge of the World (Referenced)
  • Belverus (Referenced)
  • Bigharma (Referenced)
  • Blaal (Referenced)
  • Black Citadel (Referenced)
  • Black Coast (Referenced)
  • Black Lotus Swamp (Referenced)
  • Black Ones, Isles of the (Referenced)
  • Black River (Referenced)
  • Black Sands, Desert of (Referenced)
  • Bloodstrained God, Temple of (Referenced)
  • Blue Mountains (Referenced)
  • Border Kingdom (Referenced)
  • Borni (Referenced)
  • Bossonian Marches (Referenced)
  • Brutheim (Referenced)
  • Brythunia (Referenced)
  • Bubastes, Ford of (Referenced)
  • Camoonian Desert (Referenced)
  • Carnolla (Referenced)
  • Castle of Gleg (Referenced)
  • Castle of Korzetta (Referenced)
  • Castle of Valbroso (Referenced)
  • Castria (Referenced)
  • Cave of the Sword (Referenced)
  • Cave of Tranicos (Referenced)
  • Cave of Zelata (Referenced)
  • Cimmeria (Referenced)
  • City of the Winged One (Referenced)
  • Colchian Mountains (Referenced)
  • Commoria (Referenced)
  • Conajohara (Referenced)
  • Conawaga (Referenced)
  • Corinthia (Referenced)
  • Couthen (Referenced)
  • Coyaga (Referenced)
  • Crom, Mount of (Referenced)
  • Dagon (Referenced)
  • Dagonia (Referenced)
  • Dagoth Hill (Referenced)
  • Dagozai (Referenced)
  • Darfar (Referenced)
  • Darkwood (Referenced)
  • Dead, Swamps of the (Referenced)
  • Demon's Tooth Mountain (Referenced)
  • Desert of Black Sands (Referenced)
  • Dimmorz (Referenced)
  • Diva, Gorge of (Referenced)
  • Drujistan (Referenced)
  • Duali (Referenced)
  • Eagle Picts (Referenced)
  • Eagles' Road (Referenced)
  • Eastern Desert (Referenced)
  • Edge of the World (Referenced)
  • Eiglophian Mountains (Referenced)
  • Elephant, Tower of (Referenced)
  • Erlik, Temple of (Referenced)
  • Eruk (Referenced)
  • Farsun (Referenced)
  • Femesh Valley (Referenced)
  • Fires of the South (Referenced)
  • Flaming Mountains (Referenced)
  • Flatland (Referenced)
  • Forbidden City (Referenced)
  • Forbidden Lake (Referenced)
  • Fort of Bubastes (Referenced)
  • Fort Ghori (Referenced)
  • Fort Kwanyara (Referenced)
  • Fort Thandara (Referenced)
  • Fort Tuscelan (Referenced)
  • Fort Wakla (Referenced)
  • Fountains of Thrallos (Referenced)
  • Frozen River (Referenced)

Synopsis for "A Gazetteer of the Hyborian Age, Part II"

  • Synopsis not yet written


  • The Flame Knife is adapted from the story by Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp, and was the original sequel to A Witch Shall Be Born, adapted in Savage Sword of Conan #5.
    • At the time of A Witch Shall Be Born publication, Roy Thomas couldn't use the sequel The Flame Knife,[2] as Marvel Comics had obtained the rights only to REH material.[3] He consequently created his own sequel, The Sleeper beneath the Sands (Savage Sword of Conan #6).[2]
    • Later arrangements were made, allowing Marvel to use all Conan stories, whatever the author, and The Flame Knife was adapted in this issue and following, but some inconsistencies existed between the two sequels.[2]
    • Mirror of the Manticore (Savage Sword of Conan #58) was later published, Roy Thomas having asked REH-expert Fred Blosser to plot a story, in order to tie all the loose ends together.[2]

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