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Appearing in "A Dream of Blood"

Featured Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Conan Conan Next Appearance of Conan (Main story and flashback)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tovarro (Mentioned)
  • Captain Kapellez (First appearance)
  • Kordava's night watch
  • King Ferdrugo (Mentioned)
  • Mitraic Order
    • Ninus of Messantia (First appearance)
  • Sabral (First appearance)
  • Cratos (First appearance)
  • Lady Estrellada (Mentioned)
  • Serpent-Men (Mentioned)
  • Pirate Brotherhood (Mentioned)
  • Sigurd's crew (Mentioned)

Deities and Invocations:

Races and Species:




  • Black Zarano's ship the Petrel (First appearance)
  • Conan's ship's the Wastrel
  • Princess Chabela's ship (Destruction)

Events and Eras:

Synopsis for "A Dream of Blood"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Appearing in "A Gazetteer of the Hyborian Age, Part VIII"

Locations and groups:

  • Talakma Mountains (Referenced)
  • Talunia (Referenced)
  • Tamba-Syn (Referenced)
  • Tanasul (Referenced)
  • Tarantia (Referenced)
  • Tauran, The (Referenced)
  • Temple of Bloodstained God (Referenced)
  • Temple of Erlik (Referenced)
  • Thandara (Referenced)
  • Thenitea (Referenced)
  • Thogara (Referenced)
  • Thrallos, Fountain of (Referenced)
  • Throana (Referenced)
  • Thule (Referenced)
  • Thunder River (Referenced)
  • Thune (Referenced)
  • Thurania (Referenced)
  • Thuria (Referenced)
  • Tibu (Referenced)
  • Tiger Valley (Referenced)
  • Tlazitlans (Referenced)
  • Tombalku (Referenced)
  • Tor (Referenced)
  • Torh (Referenced)
  • Tortage (Referenced)
  • Tothra (Referenced)
  • Tower of the Elephant (Referenced)
  • Trallibes, The (Referenced)
  • Tranicos, Cave of (Referenced)
  • Tullian's Creek (Referenced)
  • Turan (Referenced)
  • Turtle Picts (Referenced)
  • Tuscelan, Fort (Referenced)
  • Tybor River (Referenced)
  • Uttara Kuru (Referenced)
  • Valkia, Valley of (Referenced)
  • Valley of Gurashah (Referenced)
  • Valley of Lions (Referenced)
  • Valley of the Sun (Referenced)
  • Valley of Valkia (Referenced)
  • Valley of Zingg (Referenced)
  • Valbroso, Castle of (Referenced)
  • Valusia (Referenced)
  • Vanaheim (Referenced)
  • Vanara (Referenced)
  • Vanir (Referenced)
  • Velitrium (Referenced)
  • Venarium (Referenced)
  • Vendhya (Referenced)
  • Venzia (Referenced)
  • Verulia (Referenced)
  • Verunians (Referenced)
  • Vezek (Referenced)
  • Vilayet Sea (Referenced)

Synopsis for "A Gazetteer of the Hyborian Age, Part VIII"

  • Synopsis not yet written


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