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Minnesota, USA, 1933: Logan is working as a bootlegger. Once he barely escaped a squad of Canadian Mounties, he returns to his partner Elias who must take care of his family alone after his wife died of tuberculosis. Unfortunately, some French gangsters do not like Elias’s smuggling alcohol on their turf. After Elias refuses to shut down his business, he gets shot and after Logan is wounded as well, the gangsters kidnap Elias’s daughter Sofia. After Logan’s wounds are healed, him and Elias’s eldest son Peter drive to Minneapolis to find Sofia. In the back of a bar names “Viktor’s” Logan confronts the two gangster bosses who have just killed another rival with the “help” of Sofia …

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  • In the 1930s Dustbowl, Logan is a bootlegger carrying whiskey down from Canada, until he finds himself the accidental caretaker of a group of orphans whose family was targeted by the mob.
  • Now Logan must choose between the anonymous life he’s been meticulously building or stepping out into the spotlight again to defend the innocent.
  • A tale of family, betrayal and revenge all set against the hard-scrabble life of the Great Depression, this is a chapter of Wolverine’s life you won’t want to miss!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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