Quote1 The Dark Walker is free. Quote2
-- Amadeus Cho

Appearing in "Savage (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "Savage (Part 5)"

When Hulk wonders where he is, Amadeus Cho tells him that he is in the Savage Land and tells Hulk and Wolverine to stand down. Just as he does so, they are attacked by giant gorillas. During the fight with the giant gorillas, the dampening field is accidentally damaged during the fight which freed the alien Morrigon (who was the "Dark Walker") who flees from Earth. Morrigon returns to his master Visher-Rakk, an alien with the same planet-eating motive as Galactus. Morrigon told Visher-Rakk of a galaxy filled with planets for him to feed on.

Solicit Synopsis

• Dinosaurs aren’t the only green giants roaming the Savage Land jungles!

• As the dust settles, the secrets of the Forbidden Island stand revealed!


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