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Quote1.png Saya Ishii. Fashion influencer, daughter of the super villain Silvermane and an evil tech genius in her own right, and the latest thorn in my side. Quote2.png


Saya is the daughter of crime lord Silvio Manfredi and Matsuko Ishii, founder of Fujinet, an international tech company that began as a small developer of CDs and disk readers, but quickly became a household name. Raised only by her mother, Saya was a prodigy excelling in her scholastics, and she only learned who her father was at age 16, when Silvio returned to Japan seeking Matsuko's aid to rebuild himself. After graduating from university with a robotics degree, Saya was co-opted into interning in New York under Silvio, who held up Fujinet financially.[2]

At some point after inheriting her mother's empire, Saya sent the cat demon Kasha to negotiate some terms with the Queens-based Mulligan Gang. Despite hearing Kasha's talks had gone sour and she had to kill them all, Saya was still pleased with the opposition removed, having seven more targets to find.[3] Following Kasha's encounter with Silk (Cindy Moon), the demon thought to take it seriously, but Saya maintained a sense of calm, stating she had it under control. She later moved her "Brother Bear" Max to be Cindy's replacement therapist and learn what she knew.[4]

Shortly after, she finally met Cindy in person, after the latter paid her a visit while acting as a reporter. Saya subtly revealed that she knew about her alter ego and tried to intimidate her by naming her friends and family. With all pretenses dropped, Saya's security swarm an easily evading Cindy, who then left through the window. Later that day, she followed an absent Kasha to a cave and was displeased to find Kasha summoning a demon god behind her back.[5] Finding out Kasha was only using her as a means to summon her "master", Saya battled Kasha and killed several of her demonic cohorts, but was injured greatly and had to retreat. With her once greatest asset now turning against her, Saya turned to Cindy Moon for her help as Silk.[2]

When Cindy agreed to help, but her superhero friends were unavailable, Cindy had her friend Lola use her credentials to get into the U.W.D.C. tech labs to make new drones to fight Kasha and her demon god master. When Silk and Saya entered Kasha's lair, they succeeded in besting the demons, and Saya killed Kasha with an explosive mini-drone. As Silk didn't tolerate murder, Saya left the scene and had the surviving gang members delay Cindy until her brother Max could pick her up. As the two rode away, Saya left her scarf behind as a taunt and memento for Cindy.[6]



Saya Ishii is able to light her hands with some form of energy, which she uses to power her on-person defense technologies like her shape-changing drones.[5][2]


Expert Businesswoman: Like her mother, Saya has the experience and understanding to own and operate a multinational technologies company.[3]



  • Shape-Changing Drones: Smartphone-controlled drones that also reshape to form Saya's multiple earrings. These drones can reshape from earrings to arrows and knives, powered by Saya's energy powers and guided by her phone controls and her voice commands.[2]
  • Multipurpose Smartphone: With specialized apps created by Saya, her smartphone allows her the ability to control shape-changing drones.[2]



  • Saya used Instagram.[5]
  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer.[5]

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