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Scaleface was with a group of Morlocks whom had survived the Mutant Massacre. X-Factor saved them and allowed them to stay at their complex. When Berzerker decided to leave, she reluctantly followed him. Scaleface was later shot by a police man as he thought that she was trying to attack him.[1]


She was among the dead mutants gathered by the Black Talon and then raised to life by him into existence as a zombie, becoming a member of his unliving X-Humed. They were defeated by She-Hulk and her body was given a proper burial.[2]

Scaleface was revived once again as a zombie, this time powered through the Techno-Organic Virus implanted by Eli Bard, and sent to attack the X-Men on Utopia by Selene alongside Berserker.[3]


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Scaleface's dragon form.

Draconic Transformation: Scaleface can transform into a large, dragon-like reptilian form with a fanged mouth, clawed hands and feet, thick scales, and a ridge of spines along her back.[1] After being resurrected by Selene, Scaleface gained the ability to swiftly regenerate from almost anything, as her body was now made up of living machines.[3]

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