This metallic mechanoid developed by Victor von Doom was a robotic framework covered by human-like skin that could fool medical sensors. It looked like a human male, until it decided to reveal its real neature by literally dissolving its skin. Its other features including remotely communicating with its master and streaming a hologram projection from its fingertips, eyes and mouth.[1]

When Doom heard that the superhero team X-Men had had trouble with the villain Marauders, with reports on the details contradicting each other, and that the X-Men had regrouped at the Mutant Research Center in Muir Island, Doom sent a Scanbot there in a friendly, but stealth, recon mission.[1] The robot impersonated a shipwreck fisherman from the trawler Mary Rose whom X-Man Longshot luckily found in the open sea and took to Muir.[2]

Once in the infirmiry, when the Scanbot decided no-one would notice its presence, it stood up and started its transformation. It was seen by nurse Sharon Friedlander. Its mission compromised, the Scanbot neutralized the potential threat without permanently harming Friedlander. The robot, knowing everything it needed, then moved to greet the X-Men, their host Dr. Moira MacTaggart and newly-arrivals the Fantastic Four. The robot projected a hologram of Doom, who took the chance to negotiate with the X-Men before retiring. While the X-Men and their allies considered Doom's offer, X-Man Magneto used his metal-controlling superpowers to reconfigure the construct into a gurney for injured X-Woman Storm.[1]

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