The Scarecrow was a supervillain who disguised himself as a scarecrow, covering his features with a bag. He travelled along with two ravens, which he called his Crows of Doom. Apparently they simply went with him and hear him rambling whilst continually defecating, sometimes on the Scarecrow himself.[1]

The Scarecrow planned to seize power, but to do so, he required that the many superhero teams and individuals be otherwise occupied. Toward this goal, the Scarecrow manipulated events so that the telepath Bipsyclelocke of the X-Persons received a false psychic message suggesting that the villain Puppet Mister was mind-controlling the hero team Offengers for evil deeds. At the same time, Dr. Droolid of the Offengers got a false mental message suggesting that the X-Persons were under the effects of a spell and ready to attack the Offengers. The X-Persons indeed raided the Offengers Mansion and started an all-out fray, which was soon joined by other superheroes including the Fantastical Four, the Guest Host Offengers, X-Ipsofacto, Alfalfa Flight and a number of individuals.[1]

The Scarecrow approached the combat zone to confirm that the situation was of his liking before taking his chance to seize power. However, as soon as he was in the area, the Scarecrow was caught in the battle itself: Two heavyweight superheroes, Sore and the Bulk, were fighting each other and moved, inadvertently going over the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow was crushed under such power, becoming a ridiculously immobile flat person, with his crows still defecating on him.[1]

Another individual, the Behinder, approached and asked for directions for the "Secret War III". Several superheroes and the Scarecrow were disgusted at the idea and pointed the Behinder out.[1]


Somehow, the Scarecrow could trick two telepaths and make them believe that a team of superheroes were being mind-controlled by another party,[1] but the story does not specify whether the Scarecrow has mental powers of his own, a technological or mystical device to do it, or a minion making the job.


He is utterly defeated and literally levelled if two heavyweight superheroes fighting each other roll over him. In that state, the Scarecrow cannot seize power, but he is able to move a hand to throw someone out by pointing an exit.[1]

Not to be confused with Scarecrow, teenaged member of the Lard Boys in the same universe, nor with any Scarecrow in other universe.

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