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Scarface Rispoli was a notorious mobster who operated out of Groton City. In 1941, he was approached by the Deviant Warlord Kro who was posing as "Mr. S Devile". He convinced Rispoli to cause a series of subway crashes using specially made "Death Boxes" that not only caused the subway trains to crash but kill all passengers aboard.

The series of fatal crashes attracted the attention of the Eternal Makkari who was operating as the costumed hero known as Hurricane at the time. As Hurricane, Makkari tracked the "Death Boxes" to the hideout of Rispoli and captured him. Learning who was providing Scarface with the "Death Boxes", Hurricane dumped Rispoli and his men off with the police before clashing with Kro, sending his old enemy into retreat.[1]



Scarface Rispoli had access to so-called "Death Boxes". Black Boxes comprised of Deviant technology that when planted in the ground near a subway train would cause the train to crash and kill all passengers aboard.

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