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Quote1.png Now, I've been given a second chance. I'm being shown a better path. A better way... The way of the Scarlet Spider. But no matter how much I try to be that better man, despite any newfound respect for life... That monster is still inside of me. And right now, it's telling me one thing. KILL CARNAGE! Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider

Appearing in "Minimum Carnage, Part 4: Kill Carnage"

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Synopsis for "Minimum Carnage, Part 4: Kill Carnage"

Flare manages to calm the symbiote, but shortly thereafter Agent Venom and Enigma Force are captured by the men of Marquis Radu who also imprisons Carnage. Radu explains to Katy that long ago the symbiotes had arrived in the Microverse and that they had tried to consume it and to do the same with the god who ruled that dimension, but he had managed to drive them away. Wanting to become the new god, Radu brought the symbiotes back to the Microverse to destroy the old one. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Spider who had had to abandon the fight with Carnage, to help the Redeemer learns from the latter that the presence of the symbionts could destroy the Microverse and this would also lead to the destruction of his world the Macroverse. Meanwhile, Flash discovers that Radu wants to create an army of symbionts.

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MINIMUM CARNAGE PART FOUR! • At the will of a madman in the Microverse! • Scarlet Spider must face the monster within to fight the monster of Carnage! • Meanwhile, Venom takes on a mission – and the cost may be more than his life!

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