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WolverineQuote1 What are you, Spider-Man's evil clone? Quote2
Scarlet Spider Vol 2 17 Textless
Scarlet Spider
Quote1 Yeah. Quote2
WolverineQuote1 Pfft. I got a clone, too. Quote2

Appearing in "Wrath: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Wrath: Part 2"

Believing that Wolverine is dead, the Assassin Guild stops overseeing the school and therefore the Canadian thanks to his regenerating factor and the help of the Beast recovers. It turns out that Aracely made telepathic contact with Marvel Girl to inform him of the presence of the guild members outside the school and so Logan and Kaine just pretended to be fighting. Kaine convinced that Wolverine must also have reasons for him to hate Bella Donna convinces him to attack the guild with him. Meanwhile, Aracely stays at the school where they do tests on her which prove that she is not a mutant and that she is probably not the only occupant of her body. Arriving in New Orleans, Scarlet Spider and Wolverine infiltrate the guild's headquarters and are suddenly attacked by a half-naked zombie during the fight.

Solicit Synopsis


• Kaine and Logan... best friends? Or deadliest enemies? Find out as a thousand assassins descend upon them.

• What are the world’s greatest killers afraid of? Who is the Red Death?

• Chris Yost and Carlo Barberi continue the Scarlet Sentinel’s journey!

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