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Quote1 My children, Candra has returned to you. The Red Death will show you how to kill. Quote2
Red Death

Appearing in "Wrath: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Wrath: Part 3"

The Red Death tries to eliminate Scarlet Spider and Wolverine and during the fight with them he weakens and to regain his energy he eliminates the guild members and then Kaine convinces the assassins to fight against the external alongside them. Eventually Kaine gets the better of the extern and when Bella Donna orders her assassins to eliminate him and Wolverine the Arranger shows up declaring that the guild is now under Kingpin's control and that Fisk does not authorize attacks on the Scarlet Spider or Wolverine. Kaine reveals to Logan that Kingpin owed him a favor and he cashed it in: in exchange for the cancellation of his debt to the guild, he would help him acquire it more easily.

Solicit Synopsis

• Superstar artist Carlo Barberi’s first arc on Scarlet Spider might be Kaine’s last as the Red Death comes for everyone.

• Has Kaine made a deal with the devil? No, not Mephisto.

• More Scarlet Spider and Wolverine action than you can shake an adamantium claw or spider stinger at.

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