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Quote1.png This... this is who I am. A killer. A murderer. My body may be healed, my mined may be clear... But the blood on my hands will never come off, no matter what I do. Quote2.png
Scarlet Spider

Appearing in "Whoever Finds Me...Will Kill Me!"

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Synopsis for "Whoever Finds Me...Will Kill Me!"

In a flashback, Kaine is seen killing people in a territory where the Assassins Guild operates by refusing to pay tribute to the latter. In the present Kaine battles some guild members in Houston and manages to get the better of it, while Donald convinces Mr. Mitchell that the death of his daughter and his wife was not his fault, and Terrance orders the killers to leave the doctor alone. One of the guild members tells Kaine that even if he kills them all, Belladonna will send other agents against him, so he bargains with her promising that he will kill someone for her if she leaves him alone. The woman accepts the offer and calls her killers back.

Solicit Synopsis

Kaine’s Dark Past Comes Back To Haunt Him.

• The Assassins Guild Comes To Houston For The Head Of Scarlet Spider!

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