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  • Amazites
  • Karkoth (Mentioned)

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Synopsis for "Dark Designs"

Wanda has been having ominous dreams of a malevolent entity with her face wreaking havoc on alien worlds and worries she's at risk of going mad and evil again. She contacts her mentor, Agatha Harkness for help, who thinks it might be related to Wanda's nature as a living mystic nexus and promises to investigate into new sources of information on that front. The next day, Wanda is training her physical combat abilities with USAgent when a host of demons attack the WCA compound. The demons are searching for Wanda and have an apparent connection to the presence in her dreams. Recognizing their weakness to iron, the Scarlet Witch transmutes War Machine's armor to turn the tide of the battle and the demons are driven off, though her own worries are significantly escalated.

Touching base with Agatha, Wanda learns she's found a lead in a private library in an abandoned New England town called Unity. Wanda sets off to meet Agatha there and together they delve into the mysterious church basement looking for old mystic tomes. Shortly after splitting up, Wanda runs into another occupant of the library. Declaring that he's been awaiting her arrival, the figure reveals himself to be a much more demonic revived Master Pandemonium.


  • This mini-series takes place between Avengers: West Coast #101 and Avengers: West Coast #102 as the WCA is still active though Hawkeye has left the team following Mockingbird's apparent death.
  • Reference is made to previous incidents when Wanda lost control and turned evil, particualrly the then most recent episode from Avengers West Coast #56-62
  • Master Pandemonium was last seen in his original form in Avengers: West Coast #52, when he assembled his five soul fragments only to fall into Mephisto's trap and was drawn into his own void. He somewhat explains his revival in the next issue.

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