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Synopsis for "The Clutch of Madness!"

Returned from hell, Master Pandemonium now claims to be obsessively in love with Wanda and attacks with his bolstered legion of demons to lay claim to her. In fighting him off, Wanda discovers a hidden passageway in the library that leads her down into an impossibly cavernous occult shrine littered with otherworldly remains. In the center of the ruin she finds what can only be the book that she and Agatha came to find. Reading it, she's soon filled with the knowledge of her nature as a nexus being, a nature shared by others like her in other dimensions, each representing a different unique brand of magic, in her case, Hex Power. These nexus beings normally can't coexist in the same dimension, but she becomes aware of one such being not content to obey these rules, an evil nexus being called Lore.

Meanwhile, a powerful specter bearing a resemblance to the Scarlet Witch infiltrates the West Coast Avengers compound and takes out Wanda's teammates one by one before they even see her coming. Back in Unity, Wanda finds her way back to the surface only to find the town warped into an impossible nightmare version of itself inhabited by ghosts of her own memories. There, she's quickly attacked by Master Pandemonium alongside the monstrous possessed forms of the other West Coast Avengers.

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