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The Scarlet Witch fights her way through the nightmare world of Unity against Master Pandemonium and the twisted possessed manifestations of her Avenger teammates. They eventually capture her and bring her back into the catacomb beneath the church, restraining her to an occultish gibbet. With her captive, Master Pandemonium recounts his banishment to Mephisto's Realm since their last encounter and ensuing torture and transformation at the hands of the demons he once controlled. Sustained by his 'love' for Wanda, he recently found himself freed to return to Earth to stalk her anew. He's about to lash out at her for rejecting him when the timely arrival of Agatha Harkness sets Wanda free and together they take on the demon forces and incapacitate Master Pandemonium by making him take Wanda's place on the gibbet. Master P laments that things are not going the way 'the lady' promised, and just as Wanda and Agatha wonder who has been pulling his strings, they're greeted by the appearing specter of the infiltrator that conquered the Avengers West, the evil entity from Wanda's nightmares, the rogue nexus being, the woman introducing herself as Lore.


  • When Agatha was last seen in issue #1, she and Wanda went together to Unity and split up to search the library. In this issue, she visits the ransacked Avengers compound claiming to have come because Wanda called her and she needs to read the residual psychometry of War Machine's helmet to know to go to Unity. This might suggest that the Agatha Wanda met earlier was an impostor with the purpose of luring her into the trap in Unity, but the discrepancy in these events is not followed upon and the scene with Agatha in the compound otherwise reads like a continuity error.

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