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Synopsis for "The Witch is Mine!"

Lore reveals herself to the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness. She is the nexus being of another dimension with the power of necromancy. Having consumed her own world eons ago, she has since engaged in a campaign to corrupt and usurp other nexi to manifest in and consume their dimensions. Each time she succeeds, the event psychically ripples to neighboring dimensions allowing her to make contact with other nexus beings, explaining Wanda's nightmares. As the nexi cannot coexist in the same dimension, Lore only appears in Wanda's as an intangible spirit, but with plenty of dark powers at her command to make her a threat. Wanda's only hope is her unique Hex Power, which alters probability enough to give Lore a premature physical form in their reality. Supplementing her magic with the martial skills she learned from USAgent to give her an edge, Wanda puts Lore on the defensive. Master Pandemonium breaks free in the chaos and makes one last attempt to grab Wanda and claim the prize of love that Lore promised him, but lets her go at the last moment when he sees Lore betray him and attempt to kill them both. As Lore blasts Pandemonium away, Wanda is reunited with the Avengers, freed from the monstrous forms Lore twisted them into. Even though it seems that Lore's power is dwindling, she remains confident as she is merely marshalling her energies to deliver the final blow on Wanda's reality. In her hubris, she calls upon the spirits of the other nexi she had previously conquered, only to have them turn on her weakened vessel in revenge. Wanda delivers the final blow, hurling an ancient sword that Lore had earlier used to try to kill her with, piercing the necromancess' vulnerable heart. The cosmic threat is ended and the spirits of the nexi are free.

Later, as she recovers back at home with her team, Wanda reflects on the growth she made in the fight and feels like a better Scarlet Witch has been born anew.

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