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The private home and residence of Vision and the Scarlet Witch.


After their marriage, Vision and the Scarlet Witch wanted more privacy and a home they could call their own. The newlywed couple purchased a two-story home in Leonia, New Jersey.[3]

Vision and the Scarlet Witch buying their new home

After the destruction of their first home,[4] Vision and Wanda purchased a new home again in Leonia, New Jersey with the help of Norm Webster.[5]

After giving birth to her twin sons, Tommy and Billy, under the care of Doctor Strange, Wanda and Vision moved the boys into their home and began to raise their family.[6]

After accepting full-time status with the West Coast Avengers, Scarlet Witch and Vision moved with their twin sons to the guesthouse of the Avengers Compound in southern California.[7]

When Wiccan and Speed went searching for the Scarlet Witch after the House of M, they visited Genosha, Wundagore Mountain, and the former home of the Wanda and Vision. In their former home, the twins found Master Pandemonium squatting and rewatching his old films to relive his glory days.[8]

Alternate Reality Versions

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Before his death in Wakanda, Vision purchased lot B (number 2800) on Sherwood Drive in Westview, New Jersey. Vision put the property in both his and Wanda's names with plans for them to grow old together sharing a home.[2]

The property deed for 2800 Sherwood Drive, Westview, New Jersey, 08801

Following her resurrection, Wanda attempted to retrieve Vision's body to gave him a proper funeral. Unfortunately, Director Hayward of S.W.O.R.D. prevented her from claiming Vision's body. Wanda next drove to Westview to visit the plot of land that would have been her home with Vision. So consumed with grief, Wanda seemingly cast a spell that built her home, resurrected Vision, and transformed Westview into an idyllic sitcom haven.[2]

Vision and Wanda with their newborn sons Tommy and Billy

Together, Wanda and Vision began living their lives as a newly married couple that had just moved to the small town of Westview, where they try to fit in while hiding their secrets from the neighbors.[1][9][10]

After being pregnant for less than a day, Wanda gave birth to twin sons, Tommy and Billy, in the living room of their home with the help of Geraldine and Vision.[10]

When the hex was finally undone, the house along with Vision, Tommy, and Billy vanished.[11]


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