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“Scarlett McKenzie” was a Soviet agent, code-named Quark, who worked with General Meltdown and Dr. Neutron as part of their plan to use Havok's power to “jumpstart” Meltdown's abilities. She first encountered Havok in Mexico, where he and Wolverine were caught up in a gunfight. Posing as a simple bystander, she waited until Havok used his powers. Once she had confirmed his identity and abilities, she shot him and Wolverine with bullets laced with bubonic plague.

Switching identities to that of a red-headed nurse, she took Havok to a hospital staffed by Meltdown's agents. When he awoke, she told him that Wolverine was dead, and attempted to use various drugs and subliminal messages to control him. However, Havok resisted the attempted brainwashing, and McKenzie was forced to use alternate means to manipulate him. Since he refused to believe the story about Wolverine's death, she began to feed him enough information about Meltdown's plot to make him believe that Wolverine was being held hostage, and that she was a helpless innocent who had become wrapped up in a web of espionage.

McKenzie led Havok across Eastern Europe, and then to a nuclear reactor in India. Spending so much time with him in her false persona, she began to develop genuine feelings for him, and began to hope he would somehow survive Meltdown's plan. When Havok and Meltdown finally confronted each other, McKenzie stepped between them, and Meltdown incinerated her with an energy blast. Whether this was a genuine effort to warn Havok of Meldown's threat, or a calculated sacrifice to enrage Havok sufficiently to ensure the success of Meldown's plan to absorb his energy is unclear.

After the battle, Havok mourned McKenzie, and Wolverine chose to keep to himself what he had learned about her, letting his friend continue to believe she had been the innocent hero she'd pretended to be.[1]

Some time later, the Sugar Man would employ a Scarlett McKenzie in a failed plan to lure Havok to Genosha. It's unclear what relationship this woman has to either the original McKenzie or her counterpart from the Sugar Man's Earth.[2]



  • Skilled psychologist and actress, able to get people to do as she pleases by use of speech, actions and drugs.
  • Experienced with a handgun and biological weapons



Handgun and biological weapons



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