Schneider, along with Roeder and Hutter, was one of three Nazi officers dispatched in 1943 by Adolf Hitler to the Hydra base in the Alps to demand explanation from Johann Schmidt, the head of Hydra, on their apparent failure to deliver any new weapon designs in over a year.

Schneider noted that Schmidt served at Hitler's pleasure and that Fuhrer had given Schmidt the facility as a reward for the disfiguring "injuries" Schmidt had sustained upon taken an early version of Dr. Abraham Erskine's super soldier serum. Schmidt retort that his "reward" was in fact exile, as he no longer fit Hitler's image of Aryan "perfection". Schneider, paraphrasing Hitler, stated "the Red Skull has been indulged long enough." Schmidt, not taking kindly to this moniker, offered to show them the results of Hydra's work.

Unbeknownst to them, Schmidt had, in fact, developed advanced weaponry, following the discovery of the Tesseract, but had no intention of delivering them to his fellow Nazis. Instead, his plan was for Hydra to break away from the Nazi hierarchy and conquer the world itself, by decimating every hostile nation's capitols and major cities, including Berlin.

Schneider assumed Schmidt talk of having "harnessed the power of the gods" simply made it clear he'd gone mad. To his horror, Schneider discovered Schmidt Tesseract-powered weapons were all too real when he used one to vaporize Hutter. Schneider managed to dodge two blasts aimed at him, before being killed by a third. [1]

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