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Schuyler Belial was the leader of a Satanist group the Followers of the Left Hand Path. Known as Morning Star, he and his cult spent a year tracking down the Werewolf, Jack Russell, whose blood Belial thought could be used to "revitalize" his followers by turning them into werewolves. In Los Angeles, the cult captured Russell, who escaped shortly after, but not before the cult had implanted a tracking chip in his skull.[1]

Russell fled to New York City, where Moon Knight attempted to aid him. They were both later captured by the Cult, and taken to Belial's penthouse at the Tishman Building, at 666 Fifth Avenue. Belial planned to use Moon Knight as a human sacrifice, and then have his followers drink the blood of the Werewolf to give them "the power of the Beast". However, they escaped and Belial sent his followers to retrieve the two, but the cultists were defeated with ease. Moon Knight and Russell later infiltrated the cult, returning to Belial's offices, where they defeated the rest followers. During the fight Russell threw Belial from the roof of the 41st floor to his death.[2]

Schuyler Belial (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 20 001.png

At Club Jugular, Morning Star told Hannibal King where to look for the Amulets of Damballah.[3][citation needed]

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