Early Life

Scimitar was from the Middle Eastern country of Halwan, the age old enemy of Murkatesh, the home of the Black Tiger. He was skilled with the sword and became a mercenary for hire.[2]

Iron Fist

Scimitar was hired by Master Khan to take out Iron Fist (Daniel Rand). He attacked Iron Fist but was no match for the hero. Trying to escape, Iron Fist easily incapacitates him.[2]

Heroes for Hire

Scimitar worked for Black Mariah drug operation in Chinatown. He battled Iron Fist when he came to investigate. He defeated by using his Iron Fist to break his foes weapon and knocks him out. This however, leaves him open to attack from Black Mariah, who manages to knock Danny out. Iron Fist was saved by Luke Cage and they chased after Black Mariah and Scimitar, incapacitating their getaway van. Cage easily knocked out the two criminals.[3]


Scimitar came after Iron Fist again and during a short battle, Danny kicks Scimitar away. Scimitar threw a knife at Danny, almost piercing his heart if it weren't for his lighting reflexes. He then channeled his chi into his Iron Fist and takes out Scimitar.[4]


He was hired by the Weaponeers to assist in their attack on Zanzibar, the Weaponeers themselves hired by the Hellfire Club led by Sat-Yr-Nin.[5] The Weaponeers ended up double-crossing Viper and Sat-Yr-Nin. In retaliation, Viper shot Scimitar in the back, seemingly killing him.[1]

New Pride

Scimitar reappeared alive and well years later and joined the Harlem criminal gang the New Pride created by young genius Alex Wilder.[6]


  • Swordsman: Scimitar is a master swordsman.


  • Scimitars

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