Scion was a mystery man who started out an egg, one of many created and taken care of by the Child of the Makers.[1] Huntarr of the Micronauts found Scion's egg and brought it onto the Micronaut's ship, the HMS Endeavor II, and he became the ship's power source.[2]

Scion (Earth-616) from Micronauts Vol 2 3

Scion's egg form[3]

After his egg hatched, Scion emerged in a monstrous-looking larval form. He fought with Huntarr and stabbed him with scorpion-like tail, mutating Huntarr in a giant blob. This unexpectedly cured the Micronauts of radiation poisoning. Huntarr eventually returned to normal while Scion hid himself within the innards of the ship.[4]

He remained in hiding until he underwent metamorphosis into a humanoid form with metallic skin and two large pair of wings protruding from his back. He appeared before the Micronauts and announced that he was joining their team. (In fact, he announced he was their new leader).[5]

Against their better judgment, they allowed him to stay. Scion was eventually revealed to be a child of the Makers, the creators of the Microverse, and sacrificed himself to bring life to a new world.[6]

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