The Scorpeople are a race of humanoid Scorpions that live on the planet Scorpio in the Scorpio Constellation. The race, its homeworld and constellation are apparently unique to Earth-5391, a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century.

Not much is known about their history, however at some point the race split up into two groups one peaceful, the other warlike. The warlike faction decided to go to war against the Centaurs of the planet Sagittarius, somehow doing so even though they had no technology to travel between worlds. However their plans for invasion were halted when the Centaurs developed poison arrows that could kill Scorpeople.

The conflict was at a stalemate until the year 2075 when the Space Sentinels sent Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day to explore the planet Scorpio. There they were captured and taken prisoner by the Scorpeople and Speed was ordered to pilot their rocket to Sagittarius so they could attack the Centaurs. Instead, Speed sent the ship on a collision course with the surface of Sagittarius while he and Johnny abandoned ship. The ship crashed killing all on board, Speed and Johnny then united with the Centaurs and were flown back to Scorpio where they slew the remaining warrior Scorpeople. In the aftermath of the carnage, the peaceful faction made their presence known and made a peace agreement with the Centaurs[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Scorpeople tails that are equipped with a poisonous stinger. In small doses the poison can paralyze and a strong dose can kill. Their exoskeletons made them highly durable and immune to Hydro-Rays.


Habitat: Earth standard.
Gravity: Earth standard.
Atmosphere: Earth standard.


Type of Government: Warrior race with no clear ruler, peaceful faction had at least one representative.
Level of Technology: Advanced, but the extent is unknown. They had highly advanced cities and viewer screens that could monitor other nearby planets, however they apparently had not developed any advanced weapons or rocket flight technology.

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