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The Scorpians were an alien race of conquerors who specialized in creating mechanical constructs who were sent to conquer other worlds in order to keep them occupied. They arrived on Earth and built the Tower of Time in order to ascertain what the future would hold against their invasion. Jim Scully stumbled upon one of the members of their expeditionary force and after putting on his belt was granted super powers.[1] He then clashed with the Scorpians' commander on Earth, Slitherogue.[2]

They also conquered the planet home to the Kaddak and built an enormous city there while attempting to subjugate the natives. When industrialist George Stanislaus sought to exploit the alien planet after finding a dimensional rift, he and his exploration group, including Skull the Slayer and Lee Forrester, became stranded there, Stanislaus eventually left the survivors and discovered the Scorpius city.[3] For unknown reasons, the Scorpius carried out several attacks against Skull the Slayer and the survivors at the temples they used as a refuge.[4] When the X-Men and Future Foundation arrived after receiving a distress signal from Forrester, they split into several teams, one of which, consisting of the X-Men's Cyclops and Emma Frost and the Future Foundation's Invisible Woman, eventually discovered the Scorpius city and Stanislaus. After being escorted into the city by Stanislaus, the trio found themselves under attack and captured. When they wondered about the specific methods used to disable them, the Future Foundation's Dr. Doom showed himself, seemingly having allied with the Scorpius Emperor in a plot to conquer Earth.[3]


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