Scorpio was the first of the members of Zodiac to be sent against Tony Stark. While dispatched quickly, he noted himself as only the beginning.[1]

Later, Tony was confronted by another Scorpio, identical to the original except in colouration. It first appeared landing on Nanami's car to prevent her pursuit of Tony. When Tony and Chika attempted to escape the island they were trapped on, Scorpio attacked their makeshift boat. Later, after being ordered to kill Tony, Scorpio pursued him relentlessly until Tony's flare caught the attention of Ramon Zero. The ensuing battle was brief, as Ramon reflected Scorpio's attack right back before slicing it down the middle, killing the mech once and for all.[2]


Scorpio mechanical Body: Scorpio's body is capable of impressive speed and a fair amount of agility, and is capable of functioning while submerged. Along with large claws and a pointed tail for fighting, it is capable of launching energy blasts from its tail and rockets stored in it's carapace near its shoulders.

  • Like Several members of Zodiac in this series, it is unclear whether he was a Robot or Cybernetically altered human. The fact that there was more than one of him would likely indicate the former, but the original may still have been human at one point.

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