As a young boy, Scotius worked on boats until it was revealed that he was Witchbreed. He was attacked and branded by the fearful populace and very nearly killed. Eventually, however he was found by Carlos Javier and became a pupil at his school. Here he met Jean Grey and they fell in love, though they could not act on it as Jean had to pretend to be a man. On one mission for Javier, Scotius and fellow student Roberto rescued Werner from the Inquisition.[1]

When Werner started a friendship with Jean, Scotius became jealous and angry with him. Even as the students were captured, and then preparing to fight in Latveria the two men argued. When Jean's overexertion left her dying, Werner asked Scotius how "he" was doing and Scotius yelled at him and told him to stop the pretense. When he saw how surprised Werner was, he realized that he really did not know she had been a woman.[2] Upon reaching Roanoke, Scotius attempted to apologize to Werner, but was told it was unnecessary because, though he did not realize Grey was a woman, Werner did believe he had feelings for her. Scotius remained in Roanoke with the others after the world had been saved.[3]


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