Scotty was the younger brother of Al Gaines, Nuke of the Squadron Supreme and the youngest son of Gilbert and Florence Gaines.

Al blamed himself for his beloved parents contracting cancer and dying from it as quickly as they did. Out of concern for his younger brother, and only living relative, Al left Scotty with family friends and almost completely abandoned him in the hope that he would live a long life.

After being missing from the Squadron Supreme, Doctor Spectrum came looking for Nuke but found Scotty instead. Scotty told him that his brother was acting weird after the deaths of their parents and took him to the cemetery where the pair were buried and found Al grieving at the graves in the middle of the night.

Al was not happy to see his teammate bring his brother to him, mostly because he had kept his dual identity hidden from him and he was afraid Scotty would blame him for the death of their parents, practically drove himself mad with grief and attacked Doctor Spectrum. Scotty watched as the two battled before running off as instructed by Doctor Spectrum.

Fearing that he would hurt Nuke, Doctor Spectrum encased him in bubble so that his radiation power wouldn't hurt any innocent bystanders and fly them away from the town. When Doctor Spectrum opened the bubble to confront his friend, he found that Al had burned up his entire supply of oxygen and had suffocated to death.

Guilt ridden, Doctor Spectrum later forced himself to return and tell Scotty what happened to his brother.[1]

Scotty Gaines was killed along with the other natives of Earth when this reality was destroyed.


No known paranormal ability

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