Prisoner of Kang along with fellow Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady. Both were battling an army of ants in an ant farm set up by Kang, Scott was killed, while Eric was still fending off the ants as Kang looked on.
Nathaniel Richards (Earth-6311 (Kang) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 8AU

Kang looking at the Ant-Men fighting for their lives


Seemingly those of Scott Lang of Earth-616.

Strength level

Ant-Man possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise.


Ant-Man also wore a cybernetic helmet designed by Henry Pym permitting him rudimentary communication and control of insects. He could broadcast to a range of about one mile (1.6 km), depending on the materials surrounding him. His helmet also contained sound amplification equipment which also shifted the frequency of his voice so that he could be heard by normal-sized humans despite his diminutive size, as well as providing its own oxygen supply.


Ant-Man's wrist gauntlets enabled him to fire bio-electric blasts of adjustable force.

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