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Scott Lang was an electrical engineer. When his daughter, Cassie, got sick from a rare disease, he badly needed money for the expensive medical treatment. He messed with the wrong people, using his engineering abilities to steal. He finally got caught and was imprisoned. His daughter got better, but when he got out from prison, his career was ruined. He started working as a maintenance man for Grayburn College, the place of work of Hank Pym, the Ant-Man. Scott's former criminal partner, William Cross thought he still had some money and wanted it back. Cross kidnapped Cassie and threatened Scott with killing her if he did not receive his money.

Lang stole Pym's Ant-Man suit and Pym Particles and used it to commit various robberies, and was finally faced by Hank with the help of Heroes for Hire Luke Cage and Iron Fist. After telling Pym his story, Cage and Hank offered him help, but he thought Cassie's life was too important to let the police or superheroes to be interfering, he pushed away Pym and escaped.

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Scott Lang

In the docks, Cross was threatening Cassie when Scott arrived with his money. As soon as Cross realized the advantages he could take from Scott's powers as Ant-Man, he forced him to keep working for him. In that moment, Pym, Cage and Rand arrived to save both Scott and Cassie. Using "Pym disks", Hank shrunk Cassie to keep her safe and Lang went to her rescue. Fist and Cage started fighting Cross' thugs. They easily took down Spear, Cockroach Hamilton, Gideon Mace, Piranha Jones, Big Ben, and Señor Muerte.

Ant-Man took Cassie to safety as Pym was protecting himself from Cross' shots. Scott punched Cross through the room and told him not to mess with his family again, when the villain asked what was he gonna do, he contacted ants to attack him and finally knocked him out with a single punch.

After realizing the good job he had done, Hank gave Scott officially the mantle of Ant-Man and was offered a place with the Heroes of Hire.[1]

During the Secret Invasion, he was among the people investigated by Fury if they were Skrulls or not.[2][3]

When Galactus and his Heralds arrived, he responded to Code: White and went with the other group to deal with Firelord. Using his Giant-Man form, he hit him with his hand but was repulsed by its flames.[4]


Seemingly those of Scott Lang of Earth-616.

Strength level

Same as Hank Pym being Ant-Man and Giant-Man


Ant-Man's Helmet and Pym Particle Suit




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