Ant-Man is one of the many Champions at the Summoners' disposal in the Contest of Champions held in the Battlerealm.

Quote1.png I mean, I'm not really that weird. At my core, I'm just a dad. A pretty good one, if I do say so myself! Aside from the breaking. And entering. And stealing. Quote2.png
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Mistery in the Microrealms

Eventually a free-roaming, Ant-Man discovered a group of Adaptoids with suspicious behavior. Needing assistance, Scott alerted the Summoner in the middle of a meeting with the Collector. To their surprise, Yellowjacket was shrinking the Adaptoids to dig up refined ISO-8 dust. After shrinking down, the Summoner defeated Yellowjacket and put his plans to a halt. Unfortunately, Yellowjacket managed to save some refined ISO-8 dust and handed it to his master, Maestro. Upon seeing this, Ant-Man rushed to tell the Collector.[1]


Seemingly those of his Earth-199999 counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Earth-199999 counterpart.


The Contest labels Ant-Man as a Science Champion, therefore weakening him against Skill Champions.


Ant-Man's Suit

  • Ant-Man's Helmet: Using Pym Gas Control, Lang will occasionally subtly changes his size to receive glancing hits, reducing his damage.

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  1. Marvel Contest of Champions; Mistery in the Microrealms Event Quest

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