Scott Lang is the father of Cassie. He helped his daughter with her science fair project and attempted to retrieve baking soda, but was intercepted by Yellowjacket. They chased each other through the science fair until Scott was able to defeat Yellowjacket by mixing baking soda and a growth disk.[1]

After recapping the events of his encounter with Yellowjacket to the Wasp, Scott and Hope's base gets invaded by an army of tiny aliens who seek to use Scott's growth disks to grow and take over the universe. Scott and Hope team up and become the iconic duo, Ant Man and the Wasp, to fight the alien species. Scott tricks their leader by throwing a growth disk and growing him until he fills up the entire room.[2]

While Scott was discussing with Hank Pym about a new photon bomb being developed by the Masters of Evil, he was attacked by Egghead and was able to defeat him despite his suit malfunctioning during the battle.[3]

While Scott was walking one of his ants, he was informed that an exterminator was coming by his apartment. He then raced home on his ant and was able to use his ant-communicator to tell the ants to perform certain task that would trick the exterminator and chase him off of the property.[4]

Scott was tasked by Hank to find a time-and-space altering cube in the Quantum Realm. As Scott was attempting to retrieve it, Yellowjacket had beaten him to it on behalf of the Masters of Evil. Scott was able to malfunction Yellowjacket's suit and freeze him in place. As they both grew out of the Quantum Realm, Hank took back the cube and used Yellowjacket as a coat rack.[5]

Scott and Hope had attempted to go on a date (even though Hope refused to admit it was a date) when Whirlwind had attacked the streets of San Francisco. Hope and Scott suited up as Ant-Man and the Wasp to fight him. Even though Whirlwind put up quite a fight, Hope was able to shrink into his ear and distract him long enough for Scott to punch him unconscious.[6]


Seemingly those of the Scott Lang of Earth-199999.


Seemingly those of the Scott Lang of Earth-199999.



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