When the Terrigen Mist was discovered to be toxic to mutants,[1] Mister Sinister began experimenting on unwilling subjects, trying to make Inhuman and mutant DNA co-exist in order to allow the creation of a genetically superior species of mutants; however, the only test subject to survive was a clone of Cyclops. When the X-Men confronted Sinister for kidnapping Nightcrawler, Magik, and Colossus, Sinister was forced to deploy the Cyclops clone to defeat them.[2]

The clone's original form

At first, the X-Men mistook the clone for the real Cyclops,[3] who had allegedly been killed months ago in a battle against Inhumans,[4] but the time-displaced Jean Grey read his mind and confirmed that the clone wasn't the real Cyclops. The X-Men fought the Cyclops clone, who was overtaken by his Inhuman DNA and mutated into a mindless monster. Logan was able to defeat it with his claws, though the clone continued becoming more and more unstable, to the point where even Mister Sinister noted it is on the verge of exploding. Storm and Jean Grey used their powers to move the clone's unstable body away from the populated area, and once it was far enough away, they allowed it to explode.[3]


Seemingly those of Cyclops, as well as those granted by Inhuman physiology including:

  • Armored Body


The clone became mentally unstable as the Inhuman portion of his DNA took over the mutant portion of his DNA. He also became unstable at the genetic level, which ultimately led to his death by explosion.[3]


Replica of Cyclops' Visor.

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