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Cyclops was Xavier's original recruit and served as the X-Men's field leader. Scott is a confident and self-assured leader with an extroverted personality; his teammates all look up to him.[1]

A decade before the start of the series.[2]He was on a plane with his parents and because the plane was going down they put parachutes on his sons Scott and Alex Summers. The two brothers survived, but Scott's parachute caught fire causing him to fall and hit himself, leaving him in a coma for a month.[3]

He was watching a rugby match when he saw that Toad was stealing wallets. Duncan Matthews and his friends were going to beat Frog, but Scott showed up and wanted to avoid the violence. A fight broke out between Scott and Duncan, he was distracted by watching Jean Gray causing Duncan to hit him and Scott accidentally used his powers against Duncan. Later, Toad thanked him for saving him. At school Xavier met a new student named Kurt Wagner.[1]

He and Kurt decided to follow Logan and in a parking lot Scott's car was damaged. The three fought against Sabretooth who ended up running away.[4]

The X-Men went looking for a girl named Rogue but she did not want anything with them due to the interference of Mystique.[5]

At school he had to do a task with Rogue, at recess Kurt informed her that Jean Gray was kidnapped by Blob and decided to go rescue her. He arrived at the place where Logan was fighting Fred, Scott attacked with his optical beam, but Duques launched Logran, defeating them both. Jean was rescued by Rogue.[6]

Scott Summers

He and Jean helped Evan Daniels defeat Quicksilver and Evan joined the X-Men.[7]

He is sometimes rather competitive, particularly with Lance Alvers.[8]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616, though without Spatial Awareness or Energy Resistance.


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616, though less developed.


Cyclops cannot control his powers and requires a visor/sunglasses made of a special material to hold them back.



Cyclops' Visor.


X-Jet, Scott's Car



  • This incarnation of Cyclops is less uptight than most of his other versions. He is more confident and ready to laugh.

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