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In this future Cyclops had become an embittered cyborg, haunted by the mistakes of his past. The details of how he gained his robotic parts are unknown but he claimed that Madrox was responsible for his condition. He and his daughter Ruby Summers lived alone in Atlantic City until Layla Miller appeared.

Cyclops had been waiting for her for years and when she finally arrived he struck her, blaming her for all that had happened because she could have prevented it by telling them what she knew of the future. He forgave her however after she broke down and cried and explained why she couldn't say anything. She convinced him and Ruby to once again fight for mutant rights in what would come to be known as the Summers Rebellion.

After the younger Jamie Madrox traveled into the future, he was recruited by Cyclops to find out why some of his men had disappeared. Madrox went to find Doctor Doom who despite his senility remained the world's leading expert in Time Travel.

Doom agreed to come back with them but betrayed them and took control of Cortex, ordering him to kill all the mutants and Cyclops. This prompted Falcone to launch his super-sentinel to finally wipe the mutants out. Ruby managed to knock out her dad and the Summers Rebellion defeated the Sentinel and Cortex.[citation needed]



Presumably the same as those of Scott Summers (Earth-616) but with greater control, although possibly deteriorated by age or enhanced by his robotics.


His robotic parts leave him vulnerable to being controlled by technology.



Scott has several robotic parts which have allowed him to live longer than the average human.


In this future, Cyclops no longer needs a visor to control his optic blasts. Whether this is due to his robotic enhancements or simply learning to control them is unknown.

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