At one point, the Shadow King took control of Wolverine and made him kill Professor Xavier. Cyclops never forgave him for this and when, shortly afterwards, Jean Grey was killed, he angrily left the team.

In secrecy, Scott assembled a new Brotherhood around himself and one day returned with a vengeance. During the Brotherhood's attack on Xavier's mansion, Cyclops almost killed Wolverine, who didn't fight back at all.

It was Nightcrawler's daughter, Nocturne, who ended the battle by possessing her teammate, Armageddon, only to use his telekinetic power to pop Logan's claws in Cyclops' chest. She did so with so much precision that Scott was stopped but not killed.[1]

At some point either before or after forming the Brotherhood, he lead a team of Exiles either based on the same members of the Brotherhood or based the Brotherhood on the members of the Exiles.[2]


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616.


Cyclops' Visor


He carries a metallic arm with him which he uses in combat

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