Cyclops' history is presumably similar to his mainstream counterpart. Jean Grey mentioned him briefly, hinting that she was in a relationship with Cyclops at the time of her apparent death and had gone missing after hearing of her demise. He later appeared as one of the heroes who confronts an empowered Doom while the main heroes were gone. However, he was defeated easily. In the aftermath, he attempted to blast Doom, but it did nothing, and Doom turns the blast back on him, knocking him out. Doom then used his new powers to turn Cyclops into one of his minions. He fought the heroes alongside Psylocke. After being defeated, he returned to his normal self. He was later infected with the Legacy Virus but was cured thanks to the research at Omega Base.[1]

During Lucia Von Bardas' attack on New York, Cyclops helped evacuate the civilians. He also defeated The Scorcher, who was holding some civilians hostage. During the Superhuman Civil War, he stayed with Professox X and helped him hide students at the X-Mansion.[2]


Seemingly those of Cyclops of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Cyclops of Earth-616.


Cyclops' Visor

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