Quote1.png Xavier and Fury trained us pretty well. I probably killed six thousand men. And I didn't give a damn. Until I saw the looks we got from our Union Army. Quote2.png
-- Corporal Scott Summers src


Scott being beaten as a child

Corporal Summers and his fellow soldiers.


Scott Summers was raised as a slave, and was beaten regularly every week regardless of his actions. This continued until after Scott's mother died, and his mutant powers activated. He was later recruited by Colonel Fury and Doctor Xavier who trained him to use his powers. He served in the Union Army and obtained the rank of Corporal.

Due to his efforts along with his fellow black soldiers, James Rhodes and Ororo Munroe, the American Civil War ended in merely two weeks. During this period, Scott has stated having killed about six thousand Confederates soldiers.

Despite their efforts and victory, Scott and his fellow enhanced soilders were feared by their compatriots.[1]


Corporal Scott Summers was an officer in the Union Army until he was recruited by Disembodied Xavier Head to join his X-Treme X-Force.[2]

He faithfully followed Captain Blaire until her death.[3] Afterward he joined the X-Treme X-Men under Dazzler to continue to hunt down evil Xaviers.[4]

Corporal Summers' optic blasts



He stayed on Earth-616 to take some rest once the Exterminators were sealed in the Age of Apocalypse, and followed Howlett in order to free Hercules from Hades.[5]



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