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According to Rachel Summers, Jean Grey from her reality mirrored the modern era Jean Grey, but when this Jean was captured by Sentinels and piloted a spacecraft back to Earth, the Phoenix Force bonded with her, instead of placing her in a cocoon and replacing her. Another notable difference was when Jean/Phoenix returned to the home of her parents and, driven by Dark Phoenix's rage, demonstrated her powers in front of them, her father realized that, as a telepath, Jean could feel the subconscious fear that her parents and sister felt in her presence and, realizing that this was causing her pain that she could not block out, chose not to cast her out, as he did in the modern era. As a result, Phoenix did not commit suicide after the Shi'ar duel of honor (as she had in the modern era). Instead, Jean married Scott and had a single child, whom they named Rachel Summers.[2]

In the mainstream reality, the X-Men prevented the assassination of anti-mutant Senator Robert Kelly; however, in Scott’s timeline, Kelly was killed. The assassination caused intense widespread public paranoia against mutants, and, in the next presidential election, an anti-mutant candidate won. Around this time, Scott's wife was killed in a nuclear explosion. The anti-mutant outrage led to a genetic purity act, rendering the X-men fugitives. In retaliation of fear, the anti-mutant president's administration unleashed giant mutant-hunting robot Sentinels to eliminate mutantkind and the Sentinels decided that the best way to do so was to take over the United States. Over the subsequent years, they killed or imprisoned virtually all known superhuman beings within North America including Scott, who was presumably killed.

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Seemingly those of Scott Summers (Earth-616)#Powers

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  1. even though his eyes appear red because of his optic beams, his natural eye color is brown
  2. The Uncanny X-Men #199, "The Spiral Path" (November 1985)
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