Quote1.png Me. Cap. You. We tried to stop them. And they took our powers away. I watched Cap age a hundred years in a minute. And you... oh, Jean -- the things they did to you. I had to do something. So I took up his mantle. Quote2.png
-- Scott Summers


Early Days

When Cyclops, Jean Grey and Captain America had their powers taken away in the accident involving Reed Richards' experiment to cure the Thing's condition, Steve Rogers aged rapidly and died. Left powerless Scott took up his mantle and became the new Captain America.

Hunt for Reed Richards

The X-Men opened a portal and jumped 20 years into the past to apprehend Reed Richards and kill him. The team was betrayed by Phoenix who lead them to a pack of Sentinels that attacked and killed both Rogue and Scott.[1]


Formerly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-1610.


Captain America's Shield

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