Cyclops was a member of the X-Men who joined in the battle against Limbo's Demon Horde when it assaulted Manhattan. The X-Men failed both to repel them and to save Illyana Rasputin from N'astirh. "Limbo" was then contained behind a wall. At some point after the reality was incorporated into Battleworld, the court of All-Father Doom ruled against Madelyne Prior in favour of her ex-husband, Scott Summers, removing her as baroness and elevating Scott to baron in her stead.[1]

As part of a deal with Scott in exchange for police the outer boroughs, Colossus could assemble a team once a year, on the invasion's anniversary, to try to retrieve Illyana. In the fourth year, it was revealed that Illyana, as the Darkchild, was now the ruler of Inferno, and Scott's back was crippled and Colossus were crippled in the fight. A year later Colossus set about assembling another team when Scott informed Colossus that he refused to send a team. Both Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde refused to let Colossus down, offering him a last chance. Kurt, along with Boomer and Domino, formed the team with Scott refusing to send anyone with them.[2]

Darkchild corrupted Kurt and used him to teleport to the X-Men controlled area of Inferno using Nightcrawler to pass the force field protecting it. Outside, the "Bamf Dragon" (as called by Scott) caused great damages while battling the X-Men. Scott ordered the X-Men protect the force field with their lives. As the science and magic teams quit their post to assist the X-Men, Illyana and Kurt teleported inside the building to target the force field, maintained only by Hank McCoy and Strange. They were both killed and the field dropped out, letting all of Inferno's demons enter Manhattan.[3]

After the conquest by the Demon's Scott's authority as Baron was stripped and he and the X-Men fled into the sewers to survive. They had to be rescued from N'astirh by Colossus and the Goblin Queen and were then surprised by the revelation that Mister Sinister was still alive.[4]

Sinister offered to help them, but Madelyne, still angry over how Sinister had toyed with her life, used her telepathy to force Boom-Boom to kill him. A fight immediately broke out with Sinister's army of clones, which was then made worse by the arrival of the Darkchild and her demon horde. Marvel Girl was killed in the ensuing conflict.[5]


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616.


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