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Early Life

Scott was born the son of Christopher and Katherine Summers. When Scott was a child, he and his family were attacked by a Shi'ar cruiser while flying home from a vacation in Alaska. With the plane crashing, Scott and his brother Alex were given the only functioning parachute and sent to safety. Scott believed his parents to have died, but they were in fact captured by the Shi'ar for genetic experimentation.[1]

Now an orphan, Scott was separated from his brother and grew up in the McNeil foster home. His emerging mutant powers caused him to be rejected by various foster families, who were frightened of his gifts.[2] He was eventually taken in by Professor Charles Xavier, who trained him in the use of his mutant powers. He became a member of Xavier's X-Men, a team of mutant heroes who used their powers for the betterment of both humanity and mutantkind. Scott would be appointed the team's leader while in the field.[3]


When the young mutant Jubilee was attacked by Sentinels, Cyclops and the X-Men saved her and took her in. The X-Men discovered that the Mutant Control Agency was leaking information on registered mutants to the Sentinels, and Cyclops led the team in an assault on the agency's headquarters. The X-Men succeeded in destroying the agency's database, but were ambushed by Sentinels, who quickly overwhelmed them. Two of their members, Beast, who was captured, and Morph, who was seemingly killed, were lost. Despite the wishes of fellow teammate Wolverine, Cyclops gave the order to retreat. An enraged Wolverine lashed out at him for leaving their teammates, and angrily departed.[4] Cyclops tracked Wolverine down again, and the two made peace after Cyclops offered a way to find the Sentinels' headquarters and avenge their teammates. Cyclops led the X-Men into the Sentinel factory, which they successfully destroyed.[5]

When Professor Xavier's old nemesis Magneto returned, hoping to provoke a war with humanity by launching nuclear weapons, Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine confronted him. Storm, with help from the Professor, managed to defuse the missiles and save the day.[6] Magneto then struck at a chemical factory, hoping to draw Xavier out. Cyclops again led a team to confront him, now together with Storm and Rogue. Magneto made short work of them, but Xavier arrived and managed to use his telepathic powers to force Magneto to flee.[7]

During a day off, Cyclops and Jean went on a date, only to be captured by the Morlocks, after trying to save a young Morlock from an angry crowd. Cyclops had drawn the eye of Callisto, leader of the Morlocks, who had seen him in action and admired his leadership abilities. She wanted Cyclops to remain with the Morlocks as her consort, but he refused. Temporarily robbed of his powers by Leech, he was unable to help Jean free them, but the other X-Men arrived to help, and Cyclops and Jean were liberated.[8]

When the mutant hating Senator Robert Kelly was kidnapped by Sentinels, Cyclops led the X-Men to storm their headquarters, hoping to end the Sentinel threat once and for all. Cyclops and Jean managed to save Kelly, and haunted by the loss of Beast and Morph during their previous fight with the Sentinels, Cyclops made sure to rescue everyone left behind in the exploding Sentinel base. After the mission, he proposed to Jean.[9]

Mr. Sinister

Unbeknownst to them, Scott and Jean had been the targets of Mr. Sinister's obsession for their entire lives. Sinister was a superhuman geneticist, who believed that Scott and Jean's offspring would allow him to control humanity. He rescued Morph from the brink of death, and brainwashed him, turning him into a weapon against the X-Men. Morph posed as a priest during Scott and Jean's wedding, and began sowing chaos among the X-Men while Scott and Jean departed for their honeymoon.[10]

While they were away, they were kidnapped by Sinister's servants, the Nasty Boys, and held captive in his island laboratory. They were rescued by the X-Men, and by Morph who managed to briefly break free from Sinister's conditioning before eventually escaping.[11]

In addition to kidnapping Scott and Jean, Sinister had Morph lure both Xavier and Magneto to the Savage Land, Sinister's primary base of operations. There, they were unable to use their mutant powers and wandered the jungle on the run from Sinister's forces, until they were eventually captured.[12]

Cyclops and the X-Men searched for both the Professor and Morph. They eventually found Morph working as a circus performer, but realized too late that it was a trap set by Sinister. Sinister managed to kidnap Jean and Morph. He forced Xavier to summon the X-Men, so that Sinister could capture them for his experiments.[12] The X-Men managed to break free, and destroyed Sinister's corporeal form.[13]

The Phoenix

After an encounter with an alien ship,[14] Professor Xavier found himself telepathically connected to an unknown alien being. Tormented by these visions, Xavier dispatched the X-Men to hijack the space shuttle Starcore. Cyclops dutifully led the X-Men through the mission. Once arriving at the space station, they encountered Davan Shakari, an agent of the alien Shi'ar Empire. During their escape from the station, they were forced to pilot the shuttle through deadly radiation. Jean volunteered to pilot the shuttle, believing she could use her telekinetic powers to shield herself from the radiation. Cyclops refused to allow her to risk her life, forcing her to telepathically knock him out.[15]

Jean successfully piloted the shuttle back to Earth, but in the process she bonded with the Phoenix, the ancient guardian of the M'kraan Crystal. She was hospitalized, struggling to understand her new power. This led the ever-loyal Cyclops to clash with the Professor, accusing him of giving the team insufficient intel ahead of their mission.[16]

Cyclops remained at Jean's side, dispatching the rest of the X-Men to assist the Professor, who had run into trouble while on Muir Island. The Professor's visions proved correct, as he encountered the unknown alien who had haunted his dreams; Princess Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'ar. Lilandra had stolen the M'Kraan crystal, a weapon of great power, from her mad brother, Emperor D'Ken. When D'Ken was close to retrieving the crystal from his sister, Jean awoke from her coma and travelled to Muir Island to rescue the princess.[17] Cyclops pursued her, and upon their reunion, she teleported him and the rest of the X-Men onto Lilandra's ship.[18]

The ship was attacked by the Starjammers, inter-galactic pirates led by Corsair. They stole the crystal and kidnapped Cyclops. Corsair plotted to kill D'Ken, whom he blamed for the death of his wife. He hoped to gain Cyclops' aid, planning to trick D'Ken into thinking Corsair would sell him the crystal and hand over Cyclops, only for Cyclops to unleash his powers and kill D'Ken. Unbeknownst to both of them, Corsair was in fact Scott's father. The plot failed, as Cyclops was telepathically contacted by Jean just as he was supposed to kill D'Ken. The X-Men teleported onto the ship and a brawl erupted with D'Ken's Imperial Guard, but the battle ended when D'Ken unleashed the crystal's power.[18]

The crystal sucked D'Ken and everyone around him into it. Within the crystal, D'Ken was practically omnipotent. The X-Men, Imperial Guard and Starjammers frantically tried to stop him, as unless the crystal could be repaired, it would destroy the entire galaxy. Jean managed to free all those trapped inside, and repaired the crystal, trapping D'Ken within and ending its threat. In order to ensure it could never fall into the wrong hands again, Jean decided to sacrifice herself and take the crystal deep into the Sun, where no one could reach it, leaving Scott heartbroken.

Struggling with Jean's death, Scott angrily left the X-Men, declaring he was sick of fighting for a world that hated and feared them, and sick of caring. He returned to the orphanage where he had grown up, now run by a childhood friend; Sarah. While at the orphanage, Scott helped foil a plot by Zebediah Killgrave to brainwash the mutants living at the orphanage and use them for his own schemes. After once again being forced to fight for mutantkind, Scott realized that his place was with the X-Men and returned. Upon his arrival at the mansion, he learned that Cerebro had detected Jean's presence, revealing that she had in fact survived.[2]

During a battle with the government team known as X-Factor, Scott had to fight his brother Alex, a.k.a. Havok. Neither of the two seemed aware that they were brothers, and their powers seemed to have no effect on each other. Scott and Alex never had the chance to discover that they were related.[3]

Scott also discovered that his father was the space-pirate Corsair.[1]



Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616.



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  • A possible connection was shown to be with Cable (Earth-13393), though their connection was never fully shown. He did show to have already known about Scott Summers and Jean Grey, as well as when Jean probed into his mind, she saw images of her and someone who looked just like her. That person could have been her, but is more likely to have been her clone and Cable's mother in the comics.

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