In this reality, Sinister chose to subtly manipulate Cyclops' prospective adoptive parents, instead of killing them. This led to them abandoning their plans to adopt Cyclops, leading him to remain in the orphanage with Sinister. Sinister later created his own mutant team, called the X-Men, as part of his ongoing manipulations of Cyclops. This team consisted of Cyclops, Malice, Sauron, Cyclops' brother Havok, and Sabretooth, whom Sinister hired to keep an eye on Cyclops and ensure that his plans went as they should.

Cyclops led the X-Men on various missions, among them facing Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Sinister engineered a final test to Cyclops' loyalties, having his X-Men come face to face with those of Charles Xavier. Cyclops and a member of Xavier's X-Men, Jean Grey, immediately felt a connection to each other, and Jean began to sway Cyclops to join their side. Sinister also had the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants find and engage him in battle, forcing Cyclops to choose between him and Jean. Cyclops lingered with Jean for too long, leading Sinister to become mortally wounded during his battle with the Brotherhood. With his dying breath, he told Cyclops and Havok to join Xavier's X-Men, yet to secretly continue to pursue his own vision. Cyclops and Havok complied with his wishes, fighting alongside Xavier's X-Men, yet never forgetting their true purpose. In reality, Sinister had faked his death in order to test Cyclops and have been forever bound to him.[1]


Seemingly those of Cyclops of Earth-616.

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