Quote1.png Over the course of my life I have been haunted by two sayings: "the end justify the means" and "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." For decades, I believed that the first of these statements was true and the second was not. At least not for me. For years I was leader of the mutant revolution--A public pariah and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most wanted terrorist. Then I found myself the protector of a divided nation. I came to power on the motto: equality for all, and I meant it. I told myself that it was what Professor Xavier would have wanted, and that I'd finally atoned for the sin of patricide. So what about the force I've just authorized? Against bigoted citizens, but citizens nonetheless, who would wipe out all those born different? Sometimes the ends must justify the means because no other choice is open to us. Winning the war was the easy part. Now we must win the peace. Quote2.png
-- President Scott Summers src


History of character is unknown.


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616, yet differ vastly for this version can seemingly guide his optic blasts through energy orbs branching his beams in multiple directions and trajectories.


Seemingly those of the Scott Summers of Earth-616.

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