Scott was on a plane flight with his family when they were attacked by the Shi'ar Empire. Scott managed to escape with his brother, Alex but his parents were captured and Alex was adopted by a nice family who promoted academics. Scott meanwhile was left comatose for a year, after which his mutant powers activated and he blew up parts of the hospital he was staying in. Scott was rescued from the rubble but seemingly lost all memory of his time before being rescued. He spent years in a orphanage and was given red glasses to help deal with his powers. At some point false images were implanted in his head by Mister Sinister that depicted Scott killing a classmate which caused Scott to flee and was eventually found by Jack O'Diamonds and another mutant. Jack tricked Scott into helping him break into a laboratory and used some scientific instrumentation on himself, which expectantly killed Jack. Following his death, Charles Xavier arrived to help Scott and revealed the truth that he never killed someone and that he needed Scott's help to deal with bad mutants. Scott then assisted Charles in forming his team of mutants by helping rescue Bobby Drake who he helped free from jail, Warren Worthington III who had just recently stopped being the Avenging Angel and rescueing Hnery McCoy who was captured by Conquistador. [1]


Same as Cyclops of Earth-616


Same as Cyclops of Earth-616

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