Scotty McDowell was a wheelchair-bound criminologist, who assisted Spider-Woman on her cases when she was working as a crimefighter and bounty hunter, performing research and informing her of criminals at large who had bounties on their heads.[1]

While helping Spider-Woman, Scotty was kidnapped by the mad scientist Karl Malus, who injected Scotty with a formula composed of human and insect DNA, as well as several kinds of medicine. Spider-Woman rescued Scotty, who at first seemed fine.[2]

Scotty soon began to suffer from nightmares in which he killed Spider-Woman. He awoke to discover that he had great strength and insect-like wings that allowed him to fly (but still unable to walk). He then received a costume in the mail (sent by Malus), and when he put it on, had a personality shift, becoming aggressive and chauvinistic. He named himself the Hornet and started out as a hero, saving people, and working with Spider-Woman. He even learned that he could throw bursts of bio-electricity. As the Hornet he could fly, meaning he was not confined to his wheelchair in that guise.[3]

However, Hornet became more and more resentful of Spider-Woman and began to endanger the innocents he was "helping", even striking an onlooker with one of his electric blasts. When he nearly killed some thieves, Spider-Woman was sent after him. However, Hornet's abilities were almost a match for hers, and unlike Spider-Woman, he wasn't trying to hold back for fear of hurting his friend. After a prolonged battle, Spider-Woman was able to subdue the Hornet, who was nearly homicidal by this point. She learned that Malus had altered Scotty into the Hornet, for the sole purpose of having her die at the hands of a friend. Spider-Woman was able to flush the formula from Scotty's bloodstream, and revert him to normal by stripping him of his aggression.[4]

Afterwards, Spider-Woman learned that although the formula did make him more aggressive, the resentment he felt towards her was real. Scotty admitted he was in love with her, but felt that she didn't notice him. He was also jealous of the attention she garnered with her heroic deeds. This put a strain on their friendship, and Spider-Woman ended their "working relationship".[5]


Scotty possesses no superhuman powers.


Scotty is a trained criminologist.

Strength level

As the Hornet, Scotty possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift around ten tons. As his normal self, he possesses the normal human strength of his age, height, and build who engages in little regular exercise.


Scotty is paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair.

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