Ever since she first learned of Galactus, a flourishing astronomer named Roberta wanted to become his herald, and find a cure for his hunger.

Regular form

After stealing from Alicia Masters a statue of The Thing made with the essence of the Silver Surfer, Roberta absorbed it and gained a portion of the Surfer's Power Cosmic. Under the alias of Scout, Roberta tried to prove herself to Galactus in order to become his herald, but to no avail.

When Howard the Duck became a living Nexus of All Realities, Scout retrieved him from the clutches of the Stranger and gave him to Galactus, hoping her desired master would use him to travel to universes filled with unoccupied planets. Thus, Scout hoped to become the "ultimate" herald, as she would have provided Galactus with infinite sources to appease his hunger.

Unfortunately for Scout, when she brought Howard to Galactus, Galactus planned on making Howard his herald instead of Scout. Scout was soon interrupted by the Silver Surfer, who wished to retrieve Howard as he didn't deserve to be handled as an object to be exchanged.[1]

Scout later assisted the Silver Surfer confront the Collector for the existence of his prison planet Collecton, and helped fend off the villain from Howard while he was using his power as the Nexus to teleport all of Collecton's prisoners to their homes.

After Howard was separated from the Nexus and used it on himself to go home,[2] the Silver Surfer had a talk with Scout. He let her keep the Cosmic Power, and convinced her to stop pursuing Galactus anymore. She decided instead to explore the cosmos in the search for a goal for herself, instead of helping Galactus' achieve his own.

Before beginning her journey, Scout decided to make sure Howard had made it to his destination safe, and visited him where he ended up, in Bev Switzler's house in Maine, saving him from the attack of an Iron Punisher in the process. She subsequently gave Howard a lift to New York in her board, and gave him a sphere made of Power Cosmic that he could use if he ever needed help.[3]

When the nefarious Sparkitect Chipp stole the sphere from Howard to use its powers and escape from his superiors, Howard took advantage of the sphere property as a calling card and summoned Scout. She appeared immediately on the scene and absorbed the Power Cosmic from Chipp, leaving him powerless.[4]


Seemingly those of Norrin Radd, to a lesser extent.

  • Before donning it as her codename, "Scout" was Roberta's nickname used by her friends, because she likes to "find things."[1]

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