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Screwball was an Internet entertainer and criminal with millions of followers. She once tricked Spider-Man into her mad games by simulating the kidnapping of a civilian, guiding him through a series of traps through the city, facing thugs (her "fans" as she calls them), and deactivating bombs until he reached the captive, only to reveal herself as the "victim". She was later arrested for the deed, while remarking she can't be held responsible since she didn't commit the crimes, but her fans did.[1]

The City That Never Sleeps

A few months later after her arrest, Screwball returned, now with the goal to attract more followers on the internet. To do this, she set up various challenges for Spider-Man throughout the city, forcing the webslinger to go through them while she was streaming it all. After Spider-Man cleared all of her challenges, she decided to throw a party to celebrate her new 50 million followers. Spider-Man, with the help of Miles Morales used the opportunity to track down the location where the party was happening so he could finally capture Screwball once and for all. Foreshadowing this, Screwball fled from the party right after Spider-Man's arrival, starting a chase over the rooftops of Manhattan. To make things more difficult to Spider-Man, Screwball had previously set up bombs around the city that would explode if he didn't made certain stunts while chasing her. Fortunately she would finally be put in jail as Spider-Man finally manage to capture her.[1]


  • Various stage equipment and devices
  • Drones
  • Screwball's social network account is SCREWBALL.[1]

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